Sunday, October 5, 2014


You are a slave to all things you should master. A drooling, grinning jester dancing like a moron through the remains of a life no one would claim. Your only joy is in, better to call them lullabies. These stories you pretend to remember, your heritage is a fraud.

Of course, jester, you are too stupid to take offense. Even if you were to hold the Rosetta Stone in one hand and a detailed explanation of this thinly veiled indictment in the other...even then you have a stray dog's sycophantic and pathetic acceptance of abuse. It is, after all, attention.

In the end you will fight. It will be too late, understand, but you will cling to this life because you never truly lived it. Your one dimensional character study bullshit hasn't served you well(bringing to mind my opening line about being a slave to all you should master).

You will die, as you were born-an empty vessel. Knowing nothing. Standing for nothing. You will die as you live, a nobody. The sum end of your unknown European heritage. All the same, you do not deserve your ancestor's blessing or knowledge. You deserve to die a cultureless, ignorant wretch...No ancestor's halls wait open for you.