Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sometimes I feel the weight of existence crushing me. I hear phrases like "home security" and "NSA surveillance"; I think 1984, I think cameras on every corner, I think censorship...eventually I think of camps for undesirables. 

When people use the term "Police State" they usually have no idea what they are invoking. I have spent a lot of time in jail, I know all about arbitrary rules and unquestionable authority. There has been a parallel world created behind these walls...I can only imagine if it was to spill over into the "free" world. These "Captains" and "Officers" have no real authority or rank in life...these are made up positions. They may as well be Captain of a pizza joint or Officers at a department store...

I'm off base a little but stay with me. My point is that power given to individuals by the masses will not be satisfied until that power is absolute. The people who wear badges to work, in a broad sense, don't care about society-they care about rule enforcement. And the masses...people, don't you see that you have given away this power? Government from the president to the beat cop ONLY HAVE AUTHORITY BECAUSE WE GAVE IT TO THEM. 

9-11's effects were long lasting. It scared people. It scared people so bad that they don't consider all this. 

TSA occupied airports and airplanes.
Police monitoring non-criminal citizen movements.
NSA stockpiling personal communique without a warrant.

Maybe these things make some people feel safer. Maybe enforced curfews, re-education camps, and more police and prisons would make people feel safer. 

Not me. I have seen unaccountable, unquestioned authority. It is ugly. I pray to St Jude that I am wrong. I hope that for humanity's sake I am.