Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hell's Cascade

Come along to Hell's Cascade, 
where all the dead dreams lay, 
side side with with old fears and hate.
Have a laugh with your nightmares, 
and forgotten loves there, 
old destinies murdered by fate.

All the reasons you lived for, 
sunshiny days and gore, 
pocket watches frozen in time.
Bounds of inspiration, 
and clouds of stagnation, 
cheap bottles of orange flavored wine.

You'll find your ground zero, 
and all your dead heros, 
exorcised demons and saints.
Your bald eagle screamings, 
and political leanings, 
and prophecies written in paint.

You've stretched out your tether, 
with the seasons you've weathered, 
at peace with the rhythms you made.
You can enjoy your casket, 
you hard headed bastard, 
I'll see you in Hell's Cascade.