Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fear of Failure

It's this recurring theme in books I've read recently and a major weapon of resistance so I think I should relate my experience.

My fear of failure is so vast that I have forgone much to avoid it. School, music, love, life...

There was a point in my late teens that I spent a year holed up in my room. Slept all day, up all night. Self medicated...I was in New Castle but I didn't associate with anyone. I had written correspondence with John Gustin, he was my wire to the world outside my room. I wrote a lot, made a lot of art but shared it with no one. I was isolated, insulated from failure. 

I think the answer to fear of failing is acceptance. I will fail as all people do. Not everyone will enjoy my writing, not everyone will like my art. Thats ok. I create because I create, simple. If I meet success it's a bonus.