Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paroled 8-30-13

Friday. Day began like any other, after breakfast I made a strong cup of coffee and settled in to watch the news. I was probably spacing out when C/O M-----X said "Mattocks, be ready for court at 9" 

I was completely unaware that I had court. I knew that Joe had filed my motion, but didn't know that a date had been set for a hearing. I didn't expect a hearing until mid September. 

The Universe conspired with me today. It was unreal. I saw H--X and Mc-------X from the sheriff's dept on my way out of the jail. B-X S----X was my DA, G--X E----X was there representing probation...these are all people I have a good rapport with. Like in The War of Art or The Alchemist...St Jude heard my prayer and worked his mojo.

So now I wait for Ajax to come do a parole plan and I'm out the gate. Still kind of in shock.