Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back in the World

It's been about two weeks since my release from jail. This blog has helped to keep me busy...it is a work in progress; I will continue to keep regular entries. 

This is not a full documentary of my jail experience. I omitted some entries because jail life is repetitive. Guys often make "Groundhog Day" references, it sometimes does seem like the same day played over and over again. 

I had my struggles. I am not racist or sexist, I am a free thinker...this made it hard to have conversations. I am also of the mind and the opinion that questioning arbitrary authority is the duty of any freethinker. 

I did meet a few people of note, ran into some old friends. I learned about myself, and hopefully how to alter some of my faulty mental patterns. I had correspondence with Sivali, who taught me about the Buddha's teachings. 

As mentioned waaaaay back, I was confronted by a jail employee about some things I said on my last blog chaos1976.blogspot.com. I welcome and invite any and all correctional staff in general and specifically those employed in Butler County to read and comment any of these submissions. I do not object to people speaking their mind...I don't believe in censorship, and I will not delete comments. 

In the Nahuatl language(the indigenous language of Mexica)the word Tiahui means "always moving forward". That is what it is time for me to do. I have exorcised demons here and I will leave them here. I don't want my work to be focused on anger or resentment. I do not want my writing to be defined by angst. There is enough suffering in the world...I am not trying to create more.

End Transmission