Monday, September 30, 2013

Beginning the Second Composition Book


Beginning my 16th month in Butler County Prison. I am committed to making this time valuable. I refuse to let this be lost time. If Frankl could find some meaning to life in the concentration camps then I, who have it infinitely easier, can surely turn this time into gold.

I have been going to NA meetings for a couple weeks now, NA is really my spiritual foundation and it is a relief to once again be part of them. I go to Catholic religious conversion, I just dig the people who bring it in. They are kind people and very positive. I have also moved forward with my Buddhist studies. I am more sure-footed with the Dhamma than I have been with any other path.

My mood is overall good. I am tired, mentally and physically...I practice compassion but am still intolerant of some things. And I am ok with this...there are somethings that people should not tolerate. I am looking forward to solitude in the months ahead. I have a few friends but still enjoy being alone. Have decided to give celibacy a shot when I get out...I'll be living at my Mom's when I do get out, whether I max out or get that will help. 

I've been journaling for over a year, I feel accomplished. A---X S-----X exposed to me the fact that my writing got the attention of the prison administration. This pleases me, it is inspiration.