Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dream-Jail Escape and Cake

I am in jail making cakes with Mike Marlow. The idea is we bake cakes, put them on a rack, hit a buzzer and put the rack out into an alley for delivery.

The delivery is supposed to go right across the street...and we take it upon ourselves to deliver that cakes on our own.

We make it out of the jail unnoticed and slide across the street to the delivery site: a bakery. Where we are greeted by Bootsy Collins and Edith Bunker...I tell Bootsy "Happy Birthday" and he lights a joint.He asks how we got there, I tell him that I slipped out of jail...Edith says "Oh, I'll just call the jail and explain...you won't get in trouble." Bootsy, Mike and I all say "NO"...and I tell her that that is the opposite  of what we do in a situation like this.

Bootsy puts on a Bad Brains record and we all start working.