Saturday, September 21, 2013

Untitled Song

This cell is cold/This one man hole
But its where I gotta be
Until one day/They look my way
And they turn that jinglin key

I did my crime/I do my time
But yo, somethings gotta give
The price was high/And so was I
And this ain't no way to live

Sometimes it seems/Like lifes a dream
And I know that it can't last
But if at least/I can kill this beast
I can leave it in my past

Behind enemy lines, like one more time
And I'm tired of standing in the same chow line
And I'm sick of waking up when they say its time
And I'm so fucking tired of these bright ass lights
And I'm sick of hearing the weak ones whine
Like I'm tired of hearing the loud ones chime
And I'm so sick of thine
But I'm so sick of mine
Jesus, Mary, Joseph let this be the last time

When freedom calls/I'll grab my balls
And I'll walk right out that door
I won't look back/Hit the road, jack
And you won't see me no more