Sunday, September 29, 2013


Remember Tony Soprano's dialogue with his doctor about how his paranoia had nothing to do with the fact that people were out to get him? Or the way that if a robber makes a store clerk believe that he is armed that he can be charged with armed robbery, gun or no gun? It all comes down to perception.

Maybe, and I am being more generous than I should, my captors are not maniacal powerwhores, as I see them. Yes, sometimes one acts human...sometimes. Sometimes my perception changes.

My point being: Yes I have a problem with authority. No I do not generally like people who wear badges to work. That doesn't change the fact that these people have an audacious attitude of infallible dominion. 

And maybe pain is unavoidable, while suffering is avoidable. Maybe these situations are more about my attitude than about my captor's behavior...Maybe. But the twitch in my eye, theres no other way to percieve that.