Monday, September 30, 2013

In Contempt of Court

Websters has 3 definitions of the word contempt: 1. The act of despising, 2. The state of being despised, and 3. Disobedience to or open disrespect of a court or legislator.

It is humorous and contemptible to me that the courts are so sensitive as to make despising them a punishable act. How can an institution that participates and justifies imprisonment of non-violent criminals, sometimes participates in torture, murder and wrongful imprisonment set a precident to protect it from being despised?

I do have contempt for the court and the whole system...Should I be jailed for 6 months? Would that teach me a lesson? Would it make society a better place? How about a fine? Would some of my money make it all better? 

I absolutely despise the court system. I despise it because I love justice. Because I am an idealist. Because I hold some hope. 

I have seen child molesters get probation while people who break probation rules, NOT LAWS, go to jail for years. I've seen people buy lighter sentences. I've seen nepotism and the worst effects of the old boys club. I've seen blatant abuse of power. Verbal, physical, psychological and sexual abuse. (If it doesn't apply don't be offended).

This is just local, just one county from my eyes. 

I am guilty. I have open and disrespect for the court and the system that supports it. 

Sue me.