Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zombie Dream(@ last)

I am running through a field killing zombies. I a professional, surgical with my weapons, a 44 cal. and a ball bat. Once the field is clear I am surrounded by some sort of tactical swat team. I get the feeling that they are going to kill me and try to take credit for my kills. (kills equal money in the dream).

I pull a gun from my waist and start slaughtering the team. I make my way to their base camp, filled with cop and army types. I kill a handful and take a ranking officer hostage, negotiating with the head in charge...I am taunting him, telling him he's crazy to think that they can rebuild a civilization. I say "We're going back to caveman anarchy, motherfucker. There is nothing you can do to stop it."

I tell him I want to talk to his handler. After some bluffing on his part he obliges me. To my surprise, his handler is a woman. She is beautiful in a plain way. She irate that the camp allowed me to slaughter their team and more irate that they lead me to her. 

"Leave." I say to her. "Just leave. Take nothing from the camp, just leave and I won't kill everyone here."

She knows this is a bluff...there are way too many of them at this point, but she orders the troops to clear out. As she's leaving she says to me "Re-establishment of the U.S. is inevitable."  I tell her that she is a delusional mess.

As the soldiers clear out, my people come out of the woods and settle into the camp.