Sunday, September 29, 2013


I do not live in such a lofty world where enemies do not exist. 

I wish I did. 

I imagine that world is a nice place. You are born & raised in one place. You marry your high school sweetheart, have a litter of young facsimiles of yourself. You have a job you love & get together with your coworkers for a couple cold ones after work on Friday. Maybe a cop shows up to get an elderly neighbor's cat out of a tree. High school & college reunions. Vacations. You believe your vote counts.

This is not the world I live in. 

Where I live the power structure is blind, insane chaos. Indifferent at best, predatory at worst. Power corrupts. Military & Prison industry and culture woven into our way of life. I know pain and death intimately. I have seen the best people jump into graves with needles in their arms. I have seen that western culture is a facade. 

I dream of other more peaceful and reasonable places...but as the good book says: Dreams is just dreams.