Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am on Gram's porch. Angela Caltagirone walks over and points out that the neighbors have babies corralled in their front yard.

"If you lived there, would you ever leave?"

"As soon as I could." I reply as if this was some inside joke that only she and I knew.

Angela is wearing a blue silk dress, she wants me to watch her dog for a while. The dog is a sheepdog and he can talk but all that comes out is gibberish. I strap him into a baby seat in a blue SUV.

I drive to a tattoo shop in Oakland, where I work. There are no customers so I head out back. there are a bunch of punk rock kids hanging out, talking shit. They tell me that the nature of the world is melancholy.

Suddenly I remember I am supposed to meet Angela. Some kid with a mohawk says "Yo, you're supposed to meet that girl, huh?" I tell him that I'm not going anywhere...but then jump down a flight of stairs and take off...we're all laughing.

I see Angela and she is distressed, saying "We can't be on the street, Papi is looking for you"...I take her hand and walk her back to the shop.