Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Journal 1/16/13

If at first you don't succeed...fuck it.
                                                   +John Stewart

Sammy left a day early. I came back from laundry to an empty cell...I am glad he's out but I'll miss him, he's one of my true friends.

After settling in from work, I had this little panic attack...weird. Mixed feelings about parole hearing next week. Its not that it doesn't matter but things are unpredictable...can't get my hopes up.

I came to sort of a plateau with my frustration with the jail and re-entry. After some jostling with the powers that be, I have been put back on level three...which I earned, true enough.

Planning to contact and volunteer with Voice upon release, possibly volunteering to work with batterers. I need to get back into volunteering. I have experience, knowledge...rare and intimate knowledge. Michelle and Dawn seem supportive.

NA will be another immediate stop for me. It is the the foundation of my spirituality.

I don't want to complicate things...Renee says that staying out of jail should be my religion. Indeed, fraulein doktor, indeed.