Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Merry Apocalypse Eve-12/20/12

On to Armageddon...if tomorrow is the end of existence on this planet, I want to say I've had a good time here.

Maybe the most significant events I've witnessed were my daughters coming into this world. Watching Ireland grow into her own person has been amazing...I missed this with Taylor, but seeing her now as her own person is equally amazing.

I dropped out of college and society.

I made music and art sometimes.

I went to a lot of shows, slept on a lot of couches, crammed into a lot of vans.

Sometimes I wrote about things that happened.

I saw my friend/brother/mentor Eugenius beat a demon to death, get married and bring life back into himself.

I saw Michael Jackson turn into a white woman and die.

I survived my gang years, though I don't talk about it.

I watched the sunset on Lake Erie at night with Cindy.

Dayal Nitai taught me how to chant the Maha-Mantra.

As a residue of my lifestyle, I have missed out on precious time with my family and friends. I made bad decisions. I was human.

I have experienced joy and pain.

So if the Mayans are right, and this shit hole blows up tomorrow...I can say that I have truly lived.