Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sentencing Day August 16th 2012

Sentencing court. I received my sentence today, as usual bloody but unbowed. I am unfazed by their rituals, its their system, not mine...I know they do as they will, I never address the court.

I am sitting in the jury box, bored. The next case is called. I don't care...I am busy staring at light fixture that is way more interesting than the proceedings.

After some time, I hear the words "deviant sexual intercourse". Ok, you have my attention. The perpetrator, L---X R---X, has been fighting his case for two years. He has been on bond-that means he has been a free man during this time despite his charges.His victim is now 6, she was 4 when he assaulted her.

The father of the victim relates to the court how much this crime has hurt his entire family. L---X R---X was a family friend, making the whole thing worse. The victim's brother is having issues at school as a result, the mother & father obviously crushed, not to mention the victim herself...who can understand what her young mind and body are going through.The father pleads with the court to give this maniac the maximum sentence, as he should.

After this, the whole scene goes clown shoes. L---X R---X has the audacity to plead for mercy. He feigns gratitude for being caught. He wishes he could take it back. The problem is, he says, is that he has an addiction to internet porn...if not for that maybe he wouldn't have done this deed. His lawyer relates that he has been receptive to therapy(great, the world can rest well).

I'm watching intently as the proceedings wrap up. Everyone in the court room is quiet. I think to myself-"There is NO way the judge will go easy on him. Impossible, not with the family of the victim here. Not with all that has been said.

The judge delivers the sentence. For molesting a baby, for causing incalculable darkness on the family, he gives L---X R---X a 3 to 6 month charge. A 3 to 6 month charge means he will be back on the street in 90 days to go about his filthy business.

This is righteous contempt.