Friday, September 20, 2013

Sexy Times at the Butler County Prison

Heres the breakdown for anyone who doesn't know...

If I wouldn't have witnessed blatant incompetence and unprofessional behavior during my time in jail, maybe I'd be less inclined to believe the accusations. And honestly, I still do believe the girls...they stand to gain absolutely nothing from this. And if there was nothing to hide then why the hush, why the lies...A Tazer? C'mon dude, sell that to someone with a lower i.q.

Heres the thing: I genuinely like some of these guards as people, as individuals. But we fall on opposite sides here.

Of course they are going to protect their interests. Like I said before everyone should be accountable.

Ultimately what I have is hearsay on both sides...but I can't discount the girls. Convict doesn't mean dishonest anymore than guard means integrity.