Monday, September 16, 2013

The Concrete Campus

After several attempts, I was unable to log in to my old account which I was using for general online journalistic here we are again setting up a new page.

Where to start but at the beginning...On 4/5/2012 I did not pass go OR collect 200 big ones-I just went straight to jail. A night of stupidity lead to my arrest, and being on parole complicated the matter...I don't want to put the whole story out there, as it involves another party and my policy is to protect the guilty. But For my part, there was interaction with the police & I was in possession of an prescription pill that I shouldn't have been in possession of...

So after a short stay in the fluorescent hell holding cell at the Butler City PD, I was once again taken and processed into Butler County Prison.

Initially I counted on doing the remainder of my parole, 20 my new charge was so minor that I didn't see getting any time out of it. For the sake of brevity-after 4 months it turned out that I was sentenced to 3 to 6 months on my new charge and had the remainder of my parole to ride out. Worst case scenerio, I would have been released on May 30 2014.

Being that I am typing this, suffice to say I have been paroled.

During my 17 months I kept a journal regularly...ranging from rage to poetry to malaise to acceptance. I am currently organizing some of the earlier writings that were done on loose paper...but once I have a cohesive timeline I will transfer the bulk of writings to this blog.

I cannot let my time inside those walls be for nothing. Jail has been an unfortunate and lengthy chapter in my life but I am not willing to let it be an impediment.

I don't know what this blog will lead it a way to let go of that life, be it a way for me or others to gain perspective on the jail experience, be it a breeding ground for a bigger project...Whatever, as long as something is gained.

And with that, I will bring this to a close for now. I send my blessings to anyone who reads this to be happy, peaceful and well.