Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buddhism, Opposition and Therapy

Fleet Maul coined the term "Dharma in Hell" with his book by the same title. He compares prison to a harsh monastery. He was able to use his time in prison in this way. Fleet was a Buddhist before his incarceration, I was not. Can a neophyte practice dharma in Hell?

I get the feeling that my Doctor thinks that I am unreasonable. Maybe I am. Me being unreasonable doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of tyrannical little bullies that work here. I do feel like it is an obligation to challenge this...even if it just means calling shenanigans when I see them.If no one questions them, they feel more entitled to behave in a grossly abusive manner. I am doing myself, my peers and even my captors a favor by challenging their behavior.

Yes, I put myself here. I have never been unjustly incarcerated. I am no saint. These facts don't change the fact that many of these guards are high school jock Bonapartes.

Buddhism teaches mindfulness and responsibility not pacifism.