Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Can I practice forgiveness? I have...but my ongoing beef with the Butler power structure, I can't let go. I have seen a lot since coming here to Butler in 2000. I have a distrust of authority anyway, unchecked authority especially...and don't get it fucked up, this IS Hazzard County; they do what they want.

I read a story about an Indian Muslim, Rais Bhuiyan who was shot in Texas. It was some ignorant redneck thinking he was avenging 9/11...Mr Bhuiyan forgave his shooter and unsuccessfully tried to lobby for a stay of execution for him.

Can I wash my hands? Dr Anderson is right, I am drinking poison to hurt my captives. They don't care if I know that they are corrupt. One of my fundamental beliefs is that if you see evil, you have to confront it. Then again, my advice to fellow captive is that we are in matter what, the house always wins.