Thursday, September 19, 2013

God's Country

What a peculiar event...though I am still questioning the jail's (or more properly the Re-Entry coordinator's) ability to force one to go to church I have to say that I can think of worse things to do with my time. The people are hella nice and don't seem like snake handling maniacs...I respect that the church reaches out to prisoners.

That said...Re-Entry consists of all these different programs-AA, Domestic Violence, Nutrition, Financial Literacy, etc. Two of the "groups",which are mandatory, are Mentoring and God's Country. Mentoring consists of faith based(Christian)...God's Country is basically Hee-Haw with Jesus. While I have the utmost respect for the people that bring in Mentoring and who put on God's Country, I am very uncomfortable to be in a position that if I WAS to refuse to go to these programs I would more than likely go to the hole, be kicked out of Re-Entry; losing my good time and possibly fucking my parole.

I study Krsna consciousness, I study Buddhism...I am tolerant of others beliefs, but I feel that I should be able to choose to go or not go to religious services while in jail.