Friday, September 20, 2013

Mass Appeal


Talked to A---X today...about my blog( I am going to count this as one for the good guys!! He was very professional about it despite his personal feelings on the matter. He seems to think that I was focusing on him, which I was not...I didn't focus on anyone, simply stated the issues and my very informed opinion. Of course he denied the entire thing, denied that there ever was an investigation for sexual misconduct...Yeah, I know...because I can't read. I mean, the whole thing was surprisingly in the paper.

I have to say that I am actually flattered that the prison would even read my blog...being a lowly and humble character, I am flattered that they were made uncomfortable.

Of course everyone involved, myself and concerned parties know the truth. Conviction or not, charges or not...I have never been accused of anything that I was absolutely innocent of, that is a rare case. And in the off chance that the FBI, Butler Eagle Newspaper, and several women who have been prisoners at the BCP are completely off base...I apologize to anyone offended by my opinion, but I feel as I feel: If you have power and abuse it, then be prepared to sleep in the bed you've made.

You cannot see gravity or karma...but you will feel them, and for the worse if you abuse them,

Song for the day: James Brown-I Feel Good