Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Am I So Wise(A nod to Nietzsche)

I am a felon, a vandal, a college drop-out, a free thinker to the point of not recognizing any authority. I live in a society that I have sort of mentally exiled myself from. I have encountered police, social workers, lawyers, jail guards, probation officers...guardians of the facade of  "society".

It is trite to say that there is a fine line between the outlaw and the law abiding citizen. Ever hear the theory that a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich? Anyone could easily find themself on the wrong side of the law anyday of the week.

I am a critic of not only the legal system, but society at large.

I am confident in my observations. So stands the question: Why am I so wise?

What is Wisdom? Webster's defines it as accumulated philosophic or scientific learning; science being as area of knowledge that is an object of study, knowledge of general truths or operation of general laws. Collection of fact through observation.

My Wisdom, then, is well documented by the very society and institutions that define and uphold it.

What makes me so very wise on top of this? What seperates my bed of knowledge from that of Manson's or Monster Kody's cartoonish scorn?

Not so humbly I will say that it is because of my own reasoning and personal observations. My keen ability to see detail.

I will not attempt to be unbiased, I am biased.

I am biased because I am right; if I was not, why would I write?