Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Criticism and Incompetence(Dec 2012)

Obviously my criticism of this(Butler County Prison) jail and it's employees is personal. I have committed acts of extreme stupidity, blatantly disregarding laws and a result I have done a lot of time in this jail. One cannot do time, whether they are accountable for their actions or not, without seeing blinding hypocrisy and corruption.

I am aware that some of my rants may come off as a captive lashing out at a system that I feel has lashed me. While I am and it has, this is no volley of responsibility.

When I speak of incompetence I am not accusing anyone of anything short of humanity. Order linguini and get angelhair...your waiter isn't stupid or evil; he's human. The same goes for everyone. Myself included. The guards included. The Queen, The and your neighbor.

Where this becomes a grudging point is the idea of unquestionable authority. The caste system of jail. The black and white "We have badges, so we're right at all times" mentality.

Absolute unquestioned dominion is a bad thing.